Custom Window Shades to Fit Your Budget

Sun control roller shades enhance the look of your window while also managing sunlight to control energy and comfort. Roller shades can be made from a variety of fabrics that can diffuse light, reduce glare, and control the temperature of a room. Those looking to lower their energy costs can have custom window shades made from blackout fabrics.

Woven Wood Shades

Custom woven wood shades are affordable window shades that can add color, texture, and a natural element to a room. There are several styles of woven wood shades available including waterfall shades, twin shades, two-on-one woven shades, angled top woven shades, folding door woven shades and more.

Cellular Shades

To add a splash of color to your room, choose cellular window shades. Cellular shades are available in a number of colors and fabrics, including room darkening fabrics, perfect for bedrooms.

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Window Treatments: Sun Control Roller Shades

If you’re looking for practical and affordable window treatments, you can’t go wrong with sun control roller shades. Sun control roller shades, also known as solar shades, diffuse light, reduce glare, and help control interior temperatures. There are multiple fabrics to choose from for your solar shades to meet your home’s specific needs.

Choose Your Fabric:

Green Fabric
Perfect for those who are environmentally conscious. Green farbics are PVC-Free and 100% recyclable.

Microban Fabric
Microban fabrics lengthen the life of your solar shades by inhibiting the growth of stain-causing mildew, mold, and bacteria.

Solar Screen Fabric
Solar screen fabrics allow you to still have visual access to the outside of your home while reducing heat absorption and preventing heat and cold loss.

Blackout Fabric
Blackout fabrics keep all light from entering a room and provide privacy.

Designer Fabric
Those concerned with the aesthetics of their window treatments can choose designer fabrics to add texture and visual appeal to a room.

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Where to Find Discount Window Coverings

If you’re looking for discount window coverings, choose Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer Custom Shutters has a wide selection of window coverings including:

  • Wood and Synthetic Shutters
    Danmer’s wood shutters are always made from the highest grade hardwood available while synthetic Thermalite Shutters have the look and feel of wood, but are non-toxic, water resistant, and fire retardant.
  • Solar Control Roller Shades
    Danmer’s roller shades are perfect to diffuse light, reduce glare, and control interior temperatures while blackout roller shades are energy efficient.
  • Basswood/Fauxwood Blinds
    Danmer blinds are known for their craftsmanship and durability.
  • Cellular Shades
    Cellular shades are light-filtering, energy efficient, and block visual access to a room from the outside.
  • Natural Woven Wood Shades
    Natural woven wood shades add texture to a room and are both practical and affordable.

With a variety of discount window coverings available, you’ll find the right one for your home as well as a budget.

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Update the Look of Your Home with Stylish and Modern Window Coverings

To update the look of your home’s décor, there’s no need to completely redecorate. Simple changes like a fresh coat of paint and adding in a new piece here and there help to liven up a dull room. To further update a room, install stylish and modern window coverings. Draperies easily age a room especially as they become faded by the sun. Some options for modern window coverings include solar control roller shades, cellular shades, and natural woven wood shades.

Modern Window Coverings and Convenience

Many modern window coverings are complete with modern features such as wire-free motorized lift. Automated controls make adjusting window coverings like cellular shades easy with remote control transmitters, wall switches, 24-hour timers or sun sensors.

For a wide selection of colors and fabrics for modern window coverings visit Danmer Custom Shutters.

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Insulated Window Coverings

An easy way to lower your heating and cooling costs is to replace dated window treatments with insulated window coverings. Insulated window coverings include blinds, wooden shutters, and synthetic shutters. In terms of how well each of these window coverings insulate, wooden shutters can insulate more than energy efficient blinds and draperies, while synthetic shutters, like Thermalite Shutters, insulate 3 times more than wood shutters.

Which Insulated Window Covering is the Most Energy Efficient?

Synthetic Thermalite Shutters are the best choice for insulated window coverings. They help to make your home as energy efficient as possible with the adding benefits of being water resistant and flame retardant, making them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Thermalite Shutters reduce the air flow from the outside of your home, cut down on heat transfer in hot climates, and help homeowners make the most of double paned windows.

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Have Front Door Window Coverings Custom Made

Thermalite Shutter French Door

Thermalite Shutter Door

Whether you are looking for a window covering for the windows in your door, next to your door, or both, your best bet will have them custom made. Front door window coverings tend to be small, narrow, or uniquely shaped which makes it difficult for homeowners to find a treatment at a local home improvement store. Window coverings on your side windows and doors windows allow you to have light and visibility during the day and privacy when you want it during the evening.

Choose Danmer Custom Shutters for Your Front Door Window Coverings

Danmer Custom Shutters can custom design, manufacture, and install front door window coverings in your California home. Whether you’re looking for shutters, blinds, roller shades, cellular shades or woven wood shades, a Danmer design expert can find the right window covering for your home and budget.

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Custom Window Coverings for Bay Windows

While bay windows are a beautiful accent feature in any room as they offer a wider view of the outside and let in sunlight, it can be difficult to find window coverings that still allow you to appreciate this beauty. Adding window coverings to your bay windows allows you the option for privacy, light control, and can help with the insulation of your home. Finding window coverings for bay windows can be somewhat of a challenge if you limit yourself to home improvement stores.

For window coverings to properly fit your bay windows, it’s important to have them custom made and installed. Having coverings custom made, whether you choose shutters, blinds, cellular shades, or woven wood shades, will ensure that your window coverings for bay windows add rather than detract from your overall room design.

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Help with Window Coverings for Large Windows

The large windows in your living room may have been a major selling point during your quest to find the perfect home, but now that’s time to move in and decorate them, you’re at a loss. Finding window coverings for large windows isn’t exactly a DIY task, and may seem out of budget due to the sheer size of them. The same can often be said for bay windows and patio doors.

Rather than go through the hassle of finding window coverings for your large windows on your own. Get help from the window coverings experts at Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer has a wide range of window coverings for large windows including custom shutters, blinds, roller shades, cellular shades and woven wood shades. These window coverings can be custom made to fit your large windows, bay windows, sliding glass doors, French doors, and oddly shaped windows.

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Window Coverings Ideas and Inspiration

Woven Wood Window CoveringsAre you at a loss when it comes to how to dress your windows? While you may have a style picked out with how to decorate each room, the wide variety and pricing of window coverings may leave you feeling stressed and indecisive. To get window coverings ideas, it’s best to start with an idea of the functionality you need out of them. For example, do you like to sleep in near complete darkness? Solar control roller shades are available with blackout fabrics. Do your living room windows face the street? You may want window coverings that let in light but still provides privacy for your family. Cellular shades filter light, creating a soft warm glow but help to block visual access.

Aside from thinking about function to generate window coverings ideas think about the style of the room you need treatments for. Incorporate nature into a room with bamboo, grass, and woven wood shades. For a more classic look, think wooden horizontal blinds or plantation shutters.

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Functional Kitchen Window Coverings are a Smart Investment

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, as it tends to be where your family will spend the most time. Outfitting a kitchen with modern appliances, quality counter tops, and flooring can get pricey but is also an investment you don’t have to make often. An aspect not to overlook when finishing your kitchen is to invest in functional kitchen window coverings.

Functional kitchenwindow coverings should be easy to keep clean, water resistant if over a sink, and you may even want to look into finding something flame retardant if you have a window over your stove top or near an oven. One window covering that offers home owners these benefits and more, are Thermalite Synthetic Shutters. These shutters have the look and feel of wood shutters, but insulate better, have an anti-static quality to repel dust, are water resistant and fire retardant.

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